The first game I ever bought for my sister was The Last of Us on the PlayStation 4. She loved Minecraft, but wanted something more and my first thought was this game. I fell in love with this game, pushing through two play-throughs (2nd time being so much longer as I was trying to find all collectibles). As for my sister, I believe has already done her fifth time of beating it.

I was so deeply immersed in the story of The Last of Us that nothing else really matter. Of course this being one of the last few big titles for the PlayStation 3, the graphics were rather outstanding. I found myself admiring the scenery when I wasn’t busy running away or trying to be stealthy. If any of you have played this game, then a few of you may agree with me that the hospital section at the end was probably one of the few times in any video game where you just wanted to kill everyone and anything to save Ellie.

The Last of Us

From the upgrading equipment section, which truthfully to me stunk (never enough of the darn parts) to a new breed of enemy that had the power of a one-hit kill, I still remained truthfully excited about this game. It is a giant learning experience. Meaning, instead of rushing through part of the sections, you need to take time and focus on what is around you or by the end, truly be in a situation where you wished you had upgraded your stuff just a tad better.

The DLC that followed after the initial release of The Last of Us was pretty wild and exciting as you get to see why Ellie is the way she is.

The fighting to me was superb and you could feel every punch connecting against the enemy. I will warn you though, this game is an emotional rollercoaster and you will go through all the emotions. I never felt so close to any video game character like I did with Joel.The Last of Us

So if you haven’t played this title, you should, be it on PS3 or PS4, it’s an essential PlayStation game you need to add to your collection!