EA decided to take the E3 weekend and try to make it all about them. To do this they did their own event on the same weekend of E3, 1 in LA and in in London. So with that being said many people decided to hit this event and if they were like me you were sorely disappointed for it to be a stand alone event.

EA had some good announcements such as TitanFall 2 having an offline stand alone single player story. That I’m excited about because the original game caught my attention but 30 minutes waiting for my first match was entirely mind blowing and made me never pick up the game again. So good on you EA for figuring that one out. However, this was the highlight of a stand alone event (in my mind) other announcements were good, but nothing that was so stellar they couldn’t have just taken their spot at E3 and rocked it there.

EA made another announcement that did catch my eye, the EA competition events really did catch my eyes. Challenger, Premier and Major events are a way for everyone to get involved in eSports. I’m looking forward to more information as these come to release.

Ofcourse its EA so we had the usual sports Madden NFL 17 and FIFA 17 both slated to have better AI and team control than the previous versions of the game. Not much to say here, pick a sport, pick a team and move to the left!

EA announced some more information about Mass Effect Andromeda what looks to be a more open world sandbox style Mass Effect. The game play and cut scenes didn’t show much so we will have to keep an eye on this game as more comes to fruition. We will do some more as this happens.

The final thing we are going to push is this. EA is doing something that is amazing, EA Play to Give. In game events with donations to charity because of the events. From a EA Challenge cup in NFL 17 to making a strong female team in StarWars Heros. Game on and give on.