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Zelda U Gets Official Title – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo kicked off their E3 2016 conference by giving us what we have wanted for what seemed like forever, more information on the latest Zelda game, which has now been revealed to be entitled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There is apparently voice acting in the game now, though you never hear it from Link. You hear a mysterious female voice telling Link to wake up. In the new trailer it shows Link climbing trees, chopping down trees with an axe, shooting animals with arrows, cooking, sneaking, and more. There is no sight of Link’s iconic...

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Sony E3 2016: New God of War, PS VR, & More

It looks like Sony won E3 this year… And if you missed it, let me do a quick rundown/recap for you to sink your gamer teeth into… It all started with quite the mysterious gameplay trailer… A young boy having his father bestow upon him a hunting knife. All while this goes on, the father talks to him from the shadows. As soon as the father reveals himself, any solid Sony gamer that is worth their salt knows that it is none other than Kratos himself. The voice and tattoos are a dead giveaway. He dons a full beard...

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Call of Duty XP Convention Makes a Comeback

It was announced by Activision just recently that the Call of Duty XP Convention is back after a five year hiatus. The convention will take place September 2-4 in Inglewood, California. Those who attend will get some hands-on experience with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, as well as Black Ops 3. The Multiplayer and Zombies modes in Infinite Warfare will be available for those who attend to play. Also the convention will have the multiplayer from Modern Warfare Remastered and the fourth DLC pack for Black Ops 3. There will be multiple other activities for attendees...

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Ways Gaming Can Help When Dealing with Depression

**Originally posted on Nightingale’s Gaming Haven** When people feel down and depressed, there are many things they flock to to make themselves feel better. And most of us gamers, well, we go to what we love: Video games. And with the holidays upon us, many of us find ourselves feeling down in the dumps instead of happy and joyous. So this time of year seems like the perfect time to talk about what games one could play to uplift their spirits a bit. Now everyone is different and everyone copes with depression differently than others, and that also rings true...

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XCOM 2 Heads to Consoles Later This Year

After the studio originally planned that XCOM 2 would be a PC only title, it looks like the clamoring of fans persuaded them otherwise. 2K Games announced this morning that Firaxis Games’ title XCOM 2 would be releasing as a console version in September for both the PS4 and Xbox One. The Workshop worked alongside Firaxis on the PC version of the game and will be doing the same for the console versions. If you reorder XCOM 2, buyers will receive something called the Resistance Warrior Pack, which will give the player more soldier customization options. All of which...

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