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We Love Our Indie Developer #IndieGames

E3 is already here and it is off with the a Bang. Microsoft Xbox conference has already come and gone, with an impressive line up of Big blockbuster games and Xbox exclusive. Also, finally more was revealed about Xbox Play Anywhere (another article about that later).  What I am interested in is our Indie friend. Our unsung hero of the gaming world. Small teams of everyday people that come together and work hard to compete with the bigger companies. They can also making amazing games because the don’t have bosses hanging over their head. Xbox over the last couple...

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Video games are not the problem Parents are. Part 1 “Uneducated Parents”

In today’s time and age, I know as a parent that I watch everything my kids do. From what websites they are on, to the apps on their tablet, to the shows that they watch. Most parents agree that our kids need a watchful eye when it comes to the vast world of thing they can get there hand on in this day and age. So please explain to me with most parents trying to keep thing that are not appropriate out of children’s hands, why oh why, are kids getting game OUT OF THEIR AGE RANGE. I remember...

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