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The New and Also Late Update On Pokemon Sun and Moon

I am sorry this is so late. I will be doing better on update from here on out. Thank you for being waiting. The is part one of the new things we know about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. It was a big update so this is just about new Pokemon and Alolan Form. I will be doing another article about new features in the game. If you would like to see the other article I did about the other new Pokemon from Sun and Moon go check out my other article. And Now the part you all have...

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Pokemon Go: One Game, So Much Good.

Pokemon Go hasn’t even been out for two weeks yet and it has already become the top downloaded app on the Google Play store with over 10 million downloads. This real-world adventure has taken the nation by storm. It has created countless funny memes, a battle over the who controls the White house, and battling between teams. Even with its issues like the servers crashing and not being able to log in, as well as the game freezing when you are trying to catch Pokemon. Despite all that, this game is loved by millions across the world. The biggest...

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Pokemon Go: As a Parent, It Worries Me.

So the day is here. The long awaited Pokemon app has released. Pokemon Go is now released and people have Pokemon fever. As we speak people are out looking for Pokemon to add to their collection. I love Pokemon a much as any other Pokemon fan but this app makes me worry. In today’s day and age, adults and teenagers are not the only ones that have cell phones. Little kids have them now too. I know for a fact if my 7-year-old had a cell phone he would download this app in a heartbeat because Pokemon is one...

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: New Pokemon Revealed UPDATED 7/19/2016

Oh, Pokemon, one of the sweetest memories of my childhood. The first game video game I ever got was Pokemon Yellow. Many hours of play time went into the game with my little Pikachu following me around.  I never stopped loving Pokemon and all the awesome creatures that came from it. I remember being a kid and wanting to start my journey to become the very best like no one ever was. I loved playing those game and still do. The best part about it now is that I am sharing that love for Pokemon with my kids. With...

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Video Games Aren’t the Issue, Parents Are | Pt. 2 | Irresponsible Gamer Parents

So I am a gamer. I am a mom. I like to mix the two. I find great fun in playing video games with my kids. What games do we play? Well for me the more fun option would be to play games that I like. What kind of games do I like? I like games where I can rip a man’s arms off his body and see little bits of flesh and blood fly everywhere. While listening to his agonizing screams as I do it. Then go bang those hot girls I saw awhile ago. Go off to...

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