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Pokemon Sun/Moon | The 4 Guardian Deities and the 4 Ultra Beasts

Tapa Koko The first Alolan Guardian we were introduce to, he is the Guardian of MeelMele island. Tapa Koko is a very curious Pokemon. If it finds a Pokemon or person interesting it will engage them either to battle or to play. Despite him being a Guardian Deity, he does not always come to help. He has quite the fickle personality. Tapa Koko can hide himself inside the two halve of the shell at the ends of his arms. In doing so, he can store up electricity. During special time he will also take on this form but we...

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3 Pokemon to Help Start Your Journey in Sun/Moon

With Pokemon Sun and Moon only a few Days from releasing I thought it would be great for you guys to know that there are some ways to get special Pokemon for your game. Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo: If you have not already been informed, there is a Pokemon Sun and Moon special demo that has been available in the Nintendo eShop. Go download that demo and play through it. It will give you a taste of what the Alola Island looks like and what the game play feels like. In the beginning of the demo you...

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New Pokemon From Pokemon Sun and Moon

I am so sorry that this update is coming so late. I have had a lot of things in my personal life. My computer also got ruined so I had to get a new one. Better late then never these are all the Pokemon that have been released between my last update to when this post is going up. Let’s start with the second evolution for our starter Pokemon. Dartrix: The Blade Quill Pokemon Type: Grass/Flying Ability Overgrown Pokedex Entry: Dartrix is extremely sensitive to other presences in the area and can detect opponents behind it and throw feathers...

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Dragon Quest Builders | Everything Minecraft Is Not

Dragon Quest Builders Dragon Quest Builders is an open world, sandbox, RPG made by Square Enix. The game is made for the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita. The game released in Japan in January 2016 and will be released world-wide on October 11, 2016. A demo is currently available for download on the PlayStation Store. If you per-order a day-one edition you will receive 1. Spring tide Sprinkles Recipe- Transform trees into festive Cherry Blossom Trees and soil into comfortable Straw Floor Blocks 2. Slimy Block Recipe– Craft delightful blocks adorned with cute blue Slimes. 3. Gold Block...

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The Information on Pokemon Sun and Moon So Far.

Early this week Pokemon released an amazing trailer of new feature inside the game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. So here we are going to go over some of the new things that will be in Pokemon. Remember, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on November 18 or November 23 depending on what part of the world you live in. So let’s get started. So the first thing we’re going to talk about is the Alola region itself. The Alola region is made up of four large island and one smaller man made island. One of the island is...

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