Author: David Allwang

Digimon Story : Cyber Sleuth

So far this game isn’t what I thought it was or what I think it will eventually be by the time I get to the end. I’ve been wanting a good Digimon game for awhile and of course I saw this. The first fifteen to thirty minutes is a complete story up to getting your very own Digimon. You can choose Terriermon, Hagurumon and Palmon. I went with Palmon due to wanting all the Digimon from the original Digi-destined crew. Of course, I am referencing the amazing first season of Digimonif you didn’t know already. You continue the game...

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The Bloodborne Diaries: Initial Thoughts

I just now beat the stupid wolf and I am annoyed by my own silly mistakes and or moments that I thought I was safe and wasn’t. Playing this game at midnight is ill advised due to the amount of rage that may ensue as you play this game. There is a character selection and build. I wasn’t expecting that and there are quite a few choices. More than I even think to see. Same with what you can choose to play as. I choose veteran, but each characteristic has unique build of stats to it. The graphics looks...

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My Personal Thoughts on the Pokemon Franchise

I have begun to wonder what is it about the Pokémon games that keeps them in business? If you truly think about it, it’s the same game everytime but with different Pokemon with a brand new area. When Pokemon first came out, I had both the Red and Blue versions of the Gameboy games mainly due to the fact that half the Pokémon were on one set game and the rest were on the other. Adding in the television show and cards, I could not stop wanting everything and anything that was Pokemon. Now as an adult, I find...

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