Author: David Allwang

Borderlands 2 – A Game So Stupid Long, Yet Fun

With my finace’s son, I have been replaying this game for a month or two now and we have not beaten it yet. I truly think we are close though. There is an introduction scene at the beginning of Borderlands 2 where the storyteller tells of another adventure and you can choose either Zero (who goes invisible), Salvador (I believe pulls out a second weapon), Axton (uses a turret), or Maya (who is a psychic). Of course with the ultimate edition it opens up like five more characters. Whoever you choose, survives a train accident and then BOOM –...

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NES Memories – What Used to be to What it is Now

This evening I realized something, how much has changed in my 28 years of life. I remember when I was a young lad, able to run down to my local Walmart just to purchase a NES game for a somewhat decent price. Of course as the consoles were coming out more and more, those beautiful grey and gold cartridges disappeared from the shelves. Now saying this, our local flea market had a gentleman that had over 100 cartridges of NES games. You can truly say a paradise for young children.  I remember seeing the golden cartridge for The Legend...

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja My Overview (PS2)

To be honest, I waited for this game to show up at my job a week after it was released in America. Working at Toys R Us at the time, I had the privilege of asking several kids who they were wanting to fight as in the game before playing. One said Zabuza, another said Orochimaru. I wanted to play as Gaara personally. Naruto was sweeping across America at a fast rate (nowhere near as fast as Attack on Titan) and I could not wait till the next manga showed up but this game held me over. The story...

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My Issue with GTA Series – We Need Something New

Before I start this, I want everyone to know that I have played the first and second Grand Theft Auto games. Yes, the bird-eye view camera and god-awful graphics with horrible ways of doing missions, but yet they were extremely fun and I miss playing them. Now that being said, all of the GTA games that have come out after those two are just a simple repeat with better graphics and story telling and better weapons and more killing people. A lot of the fans will not admit it, even an old roommate I had while I was on...

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Mortal Kombat – More Than Just a Game

This game was the cause to a lot of controversy before it’s release to the public. I don’t know if any of you awesome people watch shows that go over history or what not, but this was definitely one of those points in history and I actually watched it. Now before the craziness of ESRB  (the little tag in bottom that says E,T,M), games weren’t really sought as needing categories or ratings. Yet, when this beautiful work of art came to stage, immediately it became necessary and also received the Mature rating. You can fact check me, but my...

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