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Minecraft: PC Edition vs. Xbox Edition

Minecraft is a sandbox game where everything is made out of nothing but blocks (or cubes). You can build and do absolutely whatever you want. There may be no quests, but you can set your own goals in the game. Mojang has made Minecraft for all kinds of devices, but the two main Minecraft editions that most people play today are the PC and Xbox editions. A lot of people would prefer the PC edition for many reasons. It has a lot more items for people to build with and it also has more mods and more tools and...

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Skyrim in a Nutshell

I have been playing Skyrim for a couple years now and I think is a great game to play. Skyrim is an RPG game where you (your character) are the Dragonborn, which is the only person who can kill dragons by absorbing their soul. Your main objective is to defeat the leader of the dragons, Alduin the World Eater, in Soverngard (which is the place where the people go when they die). You can choose to play as any of the following races: Khajiit, Redguard, Nord, Imperial, Orc, Argonian, Breton, High Elf, Dark Elf, and Wood Elf. Each race...

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