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If you are into Youtube as either a creator or a viewer, we all know that a good intro and outro can make a channel. While this is true not everyone has the know how when they are getting started to make a good one and more likely they don’t have the time to create a high quality one when they are bigger. Enter an amazing little site that allows you to use their video and sound templates to create high quality, creative video productions. These are not just designed for small intro and outro videos but also...

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Outlast 2 | Demo Released

Outlast 2 is coming to us next year, with it being one of the most anticipated indie horror games no one wants to wait for. Great news – Red Barrel Games launched a demo available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for a limited time. Starting October 4, you are able to download this limited demo and get some of the scares out of your system just a little early. I personally downloaded this demo and am very much excited to try it out. Outlast 2 seems to take place in an abandoned town with a secret darkness. Claiming...

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Digital Homicide | Buries Itself

Digital Homicide the creator of “games” like The Slaughtering Grounds and Not In My Crapper, started a lawsuit against 100 anonymous Steam users for bad-mouthing their games. While I have to use the term “game” loosely for anything they created. The idea that criticism caused an attempted lawsuit for sure made my blood boil. Apparently it didn’t sit well with Steam either. Valve instantly removed all of the developer’s games from their market and prevented any more of them from being added to the game market giant. Digital Homicide responded with a threat against the media giant as well. However,...

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Another Dress Code Violation | Overwatch Devi Skin

Overwatch has become a staple in triple a online games. With it’s competitive play and multitude of different characters. Including multiple races and backgrounds. However, Overwatch carries a different known value, it’s character models. We all remember the issue with Tracer a few months ago, where her “sexy” pose caused issues with multiple groups. Well now Overwatch is having an issue with another character, Symmetra. The character has a skin called “Devi” named and based on a Hindu goddess. However, a Hindu statesman and spokes person is arguing that the outfit does not fit the goddess from the scriptures...

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Gamers | Time for Change

MatPat from Game Theory recently did a video talking about the outlook on gamers and it’s link to Undertale. It really got me thinking about how we have these issues in our real life and how the world is slowly turning against us as we feed the fire. From his video spawned my idea of the issues that we have internally and how it feeds the fire of the outside worlds. We are human, we have this innate desire to dislike anything or anyone that is different from us. People who do or don’t believe in this or that automatically...

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